Download my CV here, cover letter here and points of reference here. RF engineering experience here.
Academic training
  1. Electronics analog & digital automation at Technical school of Kavala/Greece (secondary education) - 3 years
  2. Nautical academy of AEN (Makedonia) Town of Michanional - 4 years - See service here
    • Use of Communication equipment on board vessels (Satellite, VHF & HF, GMDSS systems)
    • Use of navigation systems (Radars, ARPA, AIS etc)
    • Use & correction of mercator nautical maps
    • Travel planning (waypoints)
    • Maintaining watch on bridge & during loading/unloading
    • Safety Officer (covering safety & emergency procedures)
  3.  Electrical installations 1 & 3 phase training at Technical school of Paphos (Electrical department) - 1 year
Technical expertise
  1. Assembly, disassembly & understanding of IT related hardware including PC H/W setup, Laptops, servers etc
  2. Linux Administrator - Setup & configuration of Linux OS (remote & local) ubuntu or debian derivatives including but not limited to investigation of log files in /var/log investigating, bash scripting, ruby scripting.
  3. Embedded development C/C++ with CodeVisionAVR, Eclipse (micro processors AVR, dsPIC, STM32)
  4. PC applications development (Borland C/C++)
  5. Web development with Ruby (1.8.7 - 3.0.0) / Ruby on Rails (MVC Architecture), Apache server (Virtual hosts), Passenger 4/5, MySQL databases, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript & Jquery
  6. Electronics design, analog, digital & mixed mode, high power smps, uControllers & digital electronics, opamp analog stages single ended & differential etc
  7. Schematic, High speed & RF PCB design (KiCAD, Eagle), Simulation in analog & digital electronics (TINA TI, ISIS 7 Pro)
  8. Experience in graphics editing like photoshop (windows), gimp (linux). Decent understanding of image resolutions, formats, filters, masks, brightness/contrast correction etc.
  9. Expertise in LED lighting fixtures design - electronics & 3D (MNS Energymax)
  10. In/Outdoor salesman of led lighting mainly targeting businesses
  11. Basic experience with virtualization technologies like virtualbox, VMware sphere
  12. Decent understanding of networking terminology like TCP/IP, switches, routers, gateways, firewalls.
  13. Licenced electrical engineer in Cyprus.
Work experience
  1. Electronics engineer at Autosonic, Kavala (Greece). Experience in installations & repairing of car audio systems like radio receivers, audio amplifiers etc,
    alarm security systems and central locking systems. - 1 year
  2. Captain C' class (2nd mate) on container vessels. Skipper on cruiser boats 40 & 80 ft. Crew member on tug boats. ~7 years
  3. Computer technician at MNS Gadgets Center. Import & sales of personal computers and peripherals. Set up, maintenance and upgrades of
    computers. Installation of operating systems MS Windows & Linux (ubuntu/kubuntu) - 1 year
  4. Electronics engineer & salesman at MNS Energymax. Import, sales & installation of Led lighting systems. Develpment of custom lighting fixtures covering electronics & assembly. - 5 years
  5. Installation of lifts at Pulse Electronics. Experience in installation of lifts including mechanical assembly, installation of wiring and electronics. - 1 year
  6. R&D Engineer at Recursive Engineering. Embedded programming on a dsPIC and 6-layer PCB design of electric motor controller & IGBT drivers - 1 year
  7. R&D Engineer on design & implementation of a high voltage differential probe and DSO based on high speed ADC, FPGA & SBC that does the processing of ADC data & openGL graphics.
  8. R&D Engineer at NSO on RF electronics, WiFi wireless networks, high speed (USB 3.0, PCIe, Ethernet PHY, UART, SPI, I2C) & RF PCB design, SMPS PCB design.
  9. R&D Engineer at Paradigm Shift on wireless video, openWRT, Android app designed with Qt C++, embedded ATxmega, AVR32DBxx, High voltage - high current loads power dimming through waveform trailing-edges adjustment.
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