My name is Emmanouil Tsachalidis and i am Greek. I am currently living in Cyprus and work as an R&D engineer. The purpose of this website is to show my projects to other engineers, attract employment interest and further expand my knowledge in electronics and programming related fields while discussing with other individuals that are interested in similar technical areas.

My passion in the field of electronics and programming will be obvious to anyone that will click on the Projects link above. I have been working mostly on my own while exploring areas of electronics engineering such as digital electronics: microprocessors (AVR, PIC, STM32), power electronics: SMPS (flybacks, buck, boost and other topologies), digital power supply controlled by uC, power analyser meters, analog electronics such as preamplifiers, digital LC meters, LED lighting, IoT etc.

My programming expertise includes embedded C language in many microcontroller families like ex Atmel AVR (tiny, mega, xmega), Microchip (dsPIC), STmicroelectronics (STM32) as well as C/C++ on raspberry and other SBCs. I have also written a few pc applications in C++ related to power electronics, nautical calculations, OpenGL ES 2. Furthermore, i wrote the code of some web applications based on Ruby on Rails, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript & JQuery such as various websites, a VPS control panel and a website builder.

You can see most of them in the Projects page, download code and discuss with me or even other engineers about any issues you may have or your future projects.

My free time is usually limited. In case you need professional assistance with any of your projects i would be glad to help. For more info email me at or click on Contact page.
Experience in:
  • Schematic KiCAD & Eagle
  • Multilayer PCB design
  • Digital & analog electronics
  • Basic high speed design & RF
  • Embedded design uC
  • SMD reflow & re-working
Experience in:
  • Software development (Embedded)
  • Software development in PC applications
  • Web applications development
  • Programming language C/C++
  • Web framework Ruby on Rails
  • MySQL databases (MyISAM, InnoDB)
  • Front end (HTML, CSS, JS & JQuery)
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